From the Ministry for Jewish Affairs

Letter from the Ministry for Jewish Affairs, Division of Communal Matters

No : 193/64

Kovno 13 January 1922

Document No:43736

To: The Congregational Committee in Keidan

We are currently carrying out specific statistical investigation of the Jewish soldiers in our army, who fell in the fight for the independence of Lithuania.

In the list we have in our possession, we have discovered the name of a fallen Jewish soldier from your town, Eliezer Stoller.

However, as there are in this list certain anomalies, we ask you to let us know if all the details and the names are in agreement.

Please complete all the appropriate details pertaining to the deceased that have not been filled in, in the columns, due to lack of information.

NAME                                      Eliezer Stoller

SON OF                                   Israel

AGE                                         19 years

TOWN OF ORIGIN                   Keidan

REGIMENT                              9th Infantry Division

PLACE AND TIME OF DEATH Slain 17 March 1920

PLACE OF INTERMENT          Name illegible

NOTE : HANDWRITTEN         He was later disinterred and transferred to Novo Aleksandrovsk (now Zarasai), where he was buried in the Jewish cemetery.

Signed : S Shapiro – Head of Department of Jewish Affairs

Ch Klatzkin – General Secretary

(Handwritten across face of document : “We forward the completed reply”)                             

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