The Keidan cemetery database

One of the best-read features of the old Keidan website was a directory of gravestone inscriptions, heroically and improbably gathered by the genealogist Ada Green. For a couple years back in the late 1990s, Ada visited Keidaner cemeteries in New York, Chicago and Kedainiai, recording as many names and dates as could be deciphered on the stones, some more than a century old. Since the old site went dark in 2014 I’ve had several requests for this information; now, at last I can respond with a link, specifically here

I also will respond with a request, to anyone who visits any of the cemeteries catalogued here (or, if they exist, others designated for Keidaners anywhere in the world.) Namely, send back a few lines, indicating the condition of the stones and whatever other impressions you have or history you’re able to glean from the visit. If it’s worth sharing with other Keidan descendents, I’ll be happy to do so. 

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