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After years of procrastination, I have finally collected and published the bulk of the Keidan memorial books on line. This includes both the “zaml bukh”, or anthology, published by the Keidaner Association of New York in 1930, and the “sefer zikaron” or memorial book, published by the Keidan Association in Israel in 1977. Dozens of articles, from a comprehensive history of the town to memoirs of the Holocaust to poems written by Keidaners in Diaspora, may now be accessed here.

Much of this material was written and published originally in Hebrew or Yiddish; obtaining high-quality translations has been the work of decades, involving many hands. Among those deserving our thanks are Miriam Erez, Chaim Charutz and Bella Golubchik, along with the late Meyer Dwass and Nathaniel Stampfer. For invaluable help editing and preparing the articles, I am eternally grateful to Aryeh Shcherbakov. And for publishing and helping distribute the English version of the memorial book, to David Solly Sandler.

I hope this will prove a valuable resource for researchers, students and those with personal or cultural connections to Keidan.

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Retired journalist, Keidan descendent.
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