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    1. Arun Viswanath says:

      Hi, can you point me to the original text of Bella Adler, provided here in translation: ?

      She was my grandmother-in-law and I would really like to track down the original! Thank you.

    2. Andrew says:

      The original (in Hebrew) appears on p. 243 of the Yizkor book: “קיידאן: ספר זכרון”, published in 1977. A reprint copy can be purchased from the National Yiddish Book Center in Massachusetts. Please let me know if you’d like any additional information. All best,

    3. Yaakov says:

      Hi on the piece on Dayan Menachem Yosef Volk, you have spelt his surname Volp. What is the source please for the names of his daughters listed?


    4. Andrew says:

      Yaakov, I’m not finding the article you mention. Please be more specific, or email me directly and I’ll try to help.

    5. Yaakov says:

      Hi Andrew.
      Thanks for your reply. The piece I was referring to is in the link below

    6. Andrew says:

      That article is on JewishGen, not my site. I didn’t post it, and don’t know where it came from. So the name you say is misspelled isn’t something I can address. Suggest you contact the Yizkor Book director shown at the bottom of that page.

    7. Yaakov says:

      Thanks Andrew. Noted.
      If you could please help with my other query on Rabbi Pinchas ben Rabbi Eliezer d. 1730 who was Rabbi in Keidan.

      I am seeking any further information or sources.


    8. Andrew says:

      Yaakov, I’m sorry; I have nothing additional to the brief bio in the “Rabbis in Keidan” article. Good luck.

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