Keidaners of the next generation (born after the war): Yona (Yuna) Ginzburg (a daughter of Eliyahu Ginzburg); Yosef Shneider (a son of Kalman Shneider); Gita Mankovich (a daughter of Chaim Mankovich); Masha Kurlianchik (a daughter of Shlomo Kurlianchik); An unidentified young man in the center; Bella Turetskyte (a daughter of Tanya Turetskytė); Aharon Rozenberg (above all) (a son of Fanya Turetskytė); Simona Upnitsky (in marriage Klein, a daughter of Avigdor Upnitsky); Bella Blumberg (in marriage Gold, a daughter of Lazar Blumberg); Moshe Ginzburg (a son of Eliyahu Ginzburg); An unidentified young man; An unidentified girl

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