My Youth in Keidan

By Hirsh Bloshtein

From the 1977 Keidan Yizkor Book. 

My youth in Keidan, come back to me,
I just want to hear your voice once more
It's not yet time to say the final "stop"
and cut the string for once and all.
While I'm still unbeaten there's still a final hour
At night I hear it, like a creaking at the door
And Smilga Street comes in to me
And all is as it was, and wasn't before;
And I'm back with the boys, running wide and free.
Through our beloved street, we dream together
and, like our hearts, our heads too are still young
And it's all very good, and very bad
in all the familiar and unfamiliar nights
when my hands push back the distant years
My Keidaner "boys" come back to me!

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Translated by A. Cassel

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