Preface to the 1930 “zaml bukh” of the Keidaner Assn. of New York

From the issuers 

When one generation passes, a multitude of memories from several preceding generations are lost as well, if they are not written down for those who follow.

Often important historical information disappears in this way, forcing the future historian to rely on contradictory conjectures of various writers.

With this in mind, several of those who took part in arranging the 30th anniversary of the Keidaner Association decided to issue a collection of material about Keidan and its people, written by Keidaners – a collection which would serve the above-mentioned objective of documenting the past.

Unfortunately, we undertook our task a little too late. Not everyone that we called on to contribute articles was able to respond in time. This applies especially to those who are abroad.

Still, the issuers of this volume believe that the small amount of material that we did succeed in collecting will be of great value for coming generations.

We will be happy if other associations or groups similar to ours will follow our example and will contribute to the cultural-historical gathering of knowledge for future generations, as was done by us,

The Issuers

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