10: 1963. Front row, sitting: Lea Ronder; Unidentified man; Two unidentified girls, elderly woman behind them; L.Y.Gurvich’s son; Abrasha Dinershul; Meir Feinblum and his daughter Yulia. Middle row: Hanna Feinblum (Meir’s wife, born in Gomel); Chaim Ronder; An unidentified woman, a reclining man (probably Feivel Vinitsky) and a boy with glasses, on Chaim’s right; Guta Kaganaitė (in a kerchief, behind them); Unidentified man in a black beret and two unidentified women behind her; Fanya Turetskytė; Unidentified woman (on Fanya’s right); Lazar Blumberg; Eliyahu Ginzburg; Unidentified man; Yosef Gadya; Moshe Upnitsky (on his right); Unidentified man, on his right; Yakov Dinershul (in front of Yosef and Moshe); Brayna Dushkes; Shmuel Girshovich; Two unidentified women on Brayna and Shmuel’s right, also a man with a casquette and a boy in front of him and a young man on his left; Liuba Burshtein (on the far right)
Upper row: L.Y.Gurvich; Feivel Vinitsky (probably); Chaim Burshtein; Unidentified man; Chaim Mankovich; Tolik (Anatoly) Feinblum (Meir Feinblum’s son); Mulya Kantor

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