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A Golden Jubilee in Johannesburg

Published in the 50th anniversary booklet of the Keidan Sick Benefit and Benevolent Society. Jewish emigration from Keidan to South Africa began as far back as before the Boer War, and at the turn of the century several immigrants from … Continue reading

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A Family Dispersed

By Sonja Shacknofsky-Setting My father, Joseph Setting, was born in Keidan in 1910. He arrived in Cape Town on Christmas morning, 1927, then went on to Johannesburg, where he found work with relatives. My grandparents likely sent him to South … Continue reading

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Founding the Keidaner Association

From the 1930 “zamel bukh” of the Keidaner Assn. of New York. By William Einhorn In the 1890’s, the gathering place for Keidaners was at the corner of Bayard and Forsythe Streets [in New York]. Later they gathered on Market … Continue reading

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A Lament for Keidan

By Rabbi Y. M. Fishleder  (Mexico) “How deserted lies the city…” (Lamentations of Jeremiah 1:1) How did it happen that my city of birth, Keidan, was left lonely and abandoned, without its holy community? No one is left there to … Continue reading

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1930s Status Report

By Ben-Alexander Written about 1937, and published in 1951 in “Lita” [Lithuania], pp. 1587-9[1].  The town now consists of some 9,000 souls, a third of them Jews. The economic situation of the Jews has become very hard. Commerce has completely … Continue reading

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