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Lilienblum’s Journey

Originally published in the “Hebrew Encyclopedia,” Vol. 21, p. 797.  Moshe Leib Lilienblum: born Keidan 1843, died Odessa 1910. He was an author and publicist, one of the founders of Hibbat Tzion (Lovers of Zion), and in his youth had … Continue reading

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Looking Back

By Sholem Dat (Johannesburg) First published in “Lita,” (p. 1475) by the Jewish-Lithuanian Cultural Society Inc. 1951.  Keidan is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania, and her Jewish community was also one of the first. Keidan was originally a … Continue reading

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Keidan and its Jews

from “Yahadut Lita, its history in pictures” p.123. Keidan, an administrative center for its district, was one of Lithuania’s ancient cities. The history of the Jewish community in Keidan begins in the 15th century. In 1495, in the time of … Continue reading

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The City of Keidan

From “Evreiskaia entsiklopedia”  (The Jewish Encyclopedia) [1] Vol 9, p. 410-411.  Keidany (Caiodunum, Civitas Caiodunensis, in the Samogitian (Žemaičių) language Kwiedajna, in Lithuanian – Kėdainiai). During the period of Polish rule, part of the Samogitian principality. Although Keidany became an … Continue reading

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