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Lilienblum’s Journey

Originally published in the “Hebrew Encyclopedia,” Vol. 21, p. 797.  Moshe Leib Lilienblum: born Keidan 1843, died Odessa 1910. He was an author and publicist, one of the founders of Hibbat Tzion (Lovers of Zion), and in his youth had … Continue reading

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Looking Back

By Sholem Dat (Johannesburg) First published in “Lita,” (p. 1475) by the Jewish-Lithuanian Cultural Society Inc. 1951.  Keidan is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania, and her Jewish community was also one of the first. Keidan was originally a … Continue reading

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Keidan and its Jews

from “Yahadut Lita, its history in pictures”[1] p.123.  Keidan, an administrative center for its district, was one of Lithuania’s ancient cities. The history of the Jewish community in Keidan begins in the 15th century. In 1495, in the time of … Continue reading

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The City of Keidan

From “Evreiskaia entsiklopedia”  (The Jewish Encyclopedia) [1] Vol 9, p. 410-411.  Keidany (Caiodunum, Civitas Caiodunensis, in the Samogitian (Žemaičių) language Kwiedajna, in Lithuanian – Kédainiai). During the period of Polish rule, part of the Samogitian principality. Although Keidany became an … Continue reading

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