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Sages and Scholars

From “Yahadut Lita” Vol. 3, Tel Aviv, 1967.   Dat, Rabbi Zalman-Aharon bar Dov (1859-1916) Born in Keidan, he studied in Ragole (Ariogala) and Eishyshok (Eišiškės). He was the rabbi in Pushelat (Pušalotas) for 16 years and thereafter in Smilg (Smilgiai) … Continue reading

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Hebrew Books Printed in Keidan

1923 “Beit Israel,” Innovations on tractate Shabbat by scholars of Beit Hamidrash, edited by Sh. Berlin, Keidan, 1923, 1924, 1925 (72 pages, 72 pages and 149 pages). 1924 “Le Plagot Reuven.” On rabbinic divisions and connections from the end of … Continue reading

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