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A Jewish Woman in the Russian North

By Y. L. Ushpiz Written for the first anniversary of the death of Mrs. Sheyne Rachel Klibansky[1] Last year we learned the sad news of the passing of one of our most outstanding women, Mrs Sheyne Rachel Klibansky, of blessed … Continue reading

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Survival in Siberia

By Menachem Klibansky I was born in Keidan, Lithuania. During the First World War, we were exiled to Russia and settled temporarily in the city of Tsaritsyn (later renamed Stalingrad). In 1921 we returned to our home at Number 5 … Continue reading

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The Russian Exile

By Bella Adler (Basel, Switz.) I was born and raised in Keidan. Our Jewish life was very well developed. We had Tarbut and progymnasium Hebrew schools. Most young people were Zionists. We had Hashomer Hatzair, Beitar and other organizations. We … Continue reading

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The Big Celebration

By Hirsh Bloshtein Originally published in the newspaper “Birobidzhaner Shtern,” October 1970.  I once had a friend. We were born in the same town, on the same street and in the same year. We were together through our childhood years and … Continue reading

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