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A Visit to a Lithuanian Town

This was published in “The Keidaner” bulletin in three parts, from October to December, 1938. It was exerpted from the Warsaw Yiddish newspaper “Haynt” (“Today”), which carried the author’s account of travel through Lithuania. By Chaim Vital “When you are … Continue reading

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Pranks on the Bridge

By B. Cassel From 1935 until his death in 1941, Boruch Chaim Cassel served as editor of The Keidaner, the monthly bulletin of the Keidaner Association of New York. Besides announcing meetings and recording the happy and sad events in … Continue reading

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Keidan in the Time of Troubles

By Shabtiel Deitsh (Haifa) Even though I wasn’t born, didn’t grow up and didn’t study in Keidan, it seems to me that I have the right to write about it, as well as a lot to say. Not only am … Continue reading

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