Recalling those who survived: Images

By Aryeh (Leonard) Shcherbakov

Collected here are images of Keidaners who survived the Holocaust, made in the following decades. Not many such images exist, particularly those clear enough to allow easy identification. The photographs were taken mainly between 1957 and 1965, with a few taken later. I remember visiting the mass grave on Sunday, August 29, 1971 (our last August in Lithuania, before receiving permission to emigrate to Israel), but couldn’t find any photographs from that day (probably all our thoughts at that time were already concentrated on leaving the Soviet Union…).

These were the remnants of the Keidan Jewish community – those, who were living in Lithuania on the eve of the Second World War, and succeeded to escape the slaughter of August 28, 1941. Some of them were saved “thanks” to their exile to Siberia, some fell in battle in the ranks of the Red Army, some died on the way of escape or later, from disease or hunger, and some actually succeeded to survive.

Let us remember them all.

As mentioned, we hope to continue the identification process, and appeal to anyone who can provide information to help. On all photographs, captions go left to right. Click on any photo to launch the gallery.

Meetings by the mass grave in Daukšiai village:


Meetings by the mass grave in Babėnai

Additional photos taken by the memorials

Remembering Yudel Ronder

A meeting in Vilnius, 1968

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  1. Linda Krost says:

    Trying to find the address of my grandparents business it was a small candy grocery store ..I’m pretty sure is was in Taurage I’m the Granddaughter of Moshe Krost
    I would appreciate any help Thank You
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    Linda Krost

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