Recalling those who survived: Images


3: Probably 1956: Those we were able to identify: Basya Kaplan, 1st from the left; Liuba Burshtein, 2nd from left; Yakov Dinershul, 4th from left; Abrasha Dinershul (his son, in front of Yakov); Chasya Kaplan (on his right); Guta Kaganaitė – 5th; Moshe Shcherbakov (her husband) behind her; Moshe Upnitsky, on his right; Chaim Burshtein, on his right, behind the stone; Yudel Ronder, on his right, behind the stone; Moshe Shneider (with a casquette), last row, third to the right from Yudel; Lazar Blumberg (to the left of Moshe, only his black hat is seen); Tuvye Shneider – in the last row, on the right of Moshe, his brother; Gurvich’s wife (with the black kerchief); Aba-Yankel Grinberg – in the front row, before the iron rod of the fence; Aharon Rozenberg (Fanya Turetskyte’s son, in a casquette; boy, right of the iron fence; Shmuel Girshovich – on the far right, beyond the wooden fence of the grave.

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