Recalling those who survived: Images


7: By the memorial at the mass grave (August 28, 1961). Unidentified young man; Unidentified woman (on his right); Unidentified boy and a girl in a white coat; Brayna Dushkes (behind the girl); Probably B.Dushkes’ husband, on her right; Unidentified woman (on Brayna’s left); L.Y.Gurvich with his son in his hands (behind her); Guta Kaganaitė (on his right, behind Brayna’s husband); Leonard (Aryeh) Shcherbakov (her son, behind her); Shlomo Kurlianchik (behind him); Tanya Turetskytė (on his right); Yosef Gadya (behind her); Shraga Secunda (Blumberg wife’s relative, not from Kėdainiai); Unidentified man; Lazar Blumberg; Unidentified man (behind him); Unidentified man (on the right of Blumberg); Moshe Upnitsky (on his right); Feivel Vinitsky (probably); An unidentified man (on his right); Chaim Mankovich (in front of Moshe Upnitsky); Tanya Turetskytė (in front of him); Two unidentified men (on her right); Chaim Ronder; Unidentified man on his right; Unidentified boy in front of him.

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