Recalling those who survived: Images


8: 1962. Upper far row: Chaim Burshtein; Yakov Dinershul (in a black beret); Tuvya Shneider. Middle row: Leib Goldberg (in white coat); Guta Kaganaitė, on his right; Unidentified man (above Leib, in a black hat); Unidentified man (hidden behind Guta); On his right – Gurvich’s wife; Unidentified man (behind her, in a black beret); Unidentified woman with three big buttons on the coat, to the right of Guta Kaganaitė; Above her – Liuba Burshtein (with kerchief), Chaim Burshtein’s wife; To Liuba’s right – Yeta, Lazar Blumberg’s wife; Behind her – Lazar Blumberg (with a black beret); Behind him – unidentified man (hidden); On his right – Yudel Ronder; On Yudel’s right – Chaim Ronder, he stands in front of Dinershul; Eliyahu Ginzburg; On his right – Kaplan (with a casquette); To the right of Kaplan – Moshe Upnitsky; To the right of Moshe – Avigdor Upnitsky, Moshe’s brother; Above Moshe, inclined – Gurvich; In front of Kaplan and Moshe Upnitsky – two unidentified men; In front of them, two other unidentified men; On their right (and to the left of Avigdor Upnitsky) – Kalman Shneider (with a casquette); To the right of Kalman – Leonard (Aryeh) Shcherbakov (a son of Guta Kaganaitė and Moshe Shcherbakov); In the front row of the right group of people – Simona Upnitsky (in marriage Klein, a daughter of Avigdor Upnitsky); Unidentified man, on her right; far right – Aba-Yankel Grinberg Front row (children): A son of Gurvich; Roza Bursthtein (in marriage Zakroyskaya, a daughter of Chaim and Liuba Burshtein); Lea Ronder (daughter of Yudel Ronder); Bella Blumberg (in marriage Gold, a daughter of Lazar and Yeta Blumberg), stands behind Lea; Paulina Shcherbakov (in marriage Rosenstein, a daughter of Guta Kaganaitė and Moshe Shcherbakov); Unidentified girl; David (Dodik) Goldberg (a son of Leib Goldberg)

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