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Retired journalist, Keidan descendent.

Opening the Archives

After years of procrastination, I have finally collected and published the bulk of the Keidan memorial books on line. Continue reading

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The Badkhn of Keidan

Beginning in the 1870s, a Keidan badkhn named David Lindy compiled his wedding material into a beautifully handwritten book, which was later brought to America. Continue reading

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The Keidan cemetery database

One of the best-read features of the old Keidan website was a directory of gravestone inscriptions, heroically and improbably gathered by the genealogist Ada Green. For a couple years back in the late 1990s, Ada visited Keidaner cemeteries in New … Continue reading

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Simchas-Toyre in Keidan

Every year at this time I turn to a story about Keidan, specifically about how the Simchas Toyre holiday was celebrated in the town. My grandfather published this set of vignettes and memories in 1940, as part of the Keidaner … Continue reading

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August 28

  “The mass murder of the Jews of Keidan, together with Jews from nearby Shat [Šeta] and Zheim [Žeimiai] began on the afternoon of August 28, 1941. At the airfield, Soviet prisoners of war were forced to dig a huge … Continue reading

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Where was Keidan?

The Russian empire was divided into provinces, or guberniyas. Keidan was a district capital in what the Russians called Kovno guberniya, a province governed from the city of Kovno (Kaunas), some 40 kilometers south.

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‘The Society of Jewish Art’

This is about a mystery. While searching through digitized newspapers from the early 1900s, I discovered B. Cassel’s name mentioned in an article, announcing the formation of this society at an event in one of  Manhattan’s most prestigious synagogues.

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B. Cassel

Boruch Chaim Cassel – called Bernard in America, but known to his friends as Alter – was born in Keidan in 1877, the son of a tailor. He had a traditional Jewish cheder education, but also studied Russian and other secular … Continue reading

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The 1930 Book

In November 1930, the Keidaner Association of New York celebrated its 30th year of existence with a party and a book.

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Back to the Future

The first version of this website appeared in 1995, not long after Netscape introduced a WYSIWYG editor to go with its then-new Internet browser.

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